A few weeks ago I wanted a few days of low tech living. My goal was to leave my digital camera behind and ignore email, twitter, facebook for a mere three days. I would find my roots and shoot film. I would leave my iPhone behind(or at least turn it off). I was going […]

Kashgar for Operation Smile

A few weeks ago I packed my gear and headed off to Kashgar to cover a mission by Operation Smile there. Kashgar, a city in China’s western state Xianjing, is where the sun stays out until at least 9PM and is home to  Uighurs, ethnic Chinese Muslims. While the past few years have seen violent encounters […]


After overtaking Japan to become the number two economy in the world, it seems it’s time for China to set it’s sites on it’s next conquest. Producing this year’s winner of the Ms Universe contest. Apparently winning the Donald’s beauty contest is such a priority, a training camp was set up to teach contenders to […]


For months I’ve been a bad little blogger. Again. I’ve spent the last few months trying to sort out a visa for India, gone to Haiti(again), covered elections(again), and moved around the world(again). Throughout it all, I’ve neglected to blog. I started this thing to share my work and clear my head. Kind of like […]