Since being back in New York I rarely go anywhere without my camera. I get mocked for it all the time since I usually wind up dragging my whole kit(laptop, the works) with me. It sucks but it’s worth it to have my stuff at my fingertips. The other night I was out drowning my sorrows with friend and fellow photog Holly Picket at a karaoke bar when we came across drunk girls ushering one of their own from the single life to marriage. All off key but happy as clams. What better way to celebrate one of life’s milestones than to drink until the sun comes up and sing off key for complete strangers?
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Since being back in New York I am struggling to not only do good work but do work that does good for the community here. I got to do a piece for the NYT on a swim class for juvenile offenders. As the class instructor put it, these are the kids that need the most TLC. Not a bad afternoon of shooting. I had the added challenge of make pix with out identifying any of the students for legal reasons. Hopefully I’ve managed to do that and won’t be taking any awkward calls from the Department of Juvenile Detention.


Ahhh, the 1960′s. I’m talking the early 60′s when ladies in swanky dresses and guys in sharp hats, natty ties and suites were strolling the block. Last night there was screening of the 1960′s era show Mad Men in Times Square and it brought out the sharply dressed. It was probably the nicest night weather wise since I got back to New York so it added to the charm. It was a good night to get dressed up and take your girl to a show on the Great White Way. The tough part was framing an image with out a fat guy in cargo short and an Abercombie and Fitch t-shirt. How we came from suites and ties to that I’ll never know.


I turned 40 the other day and to my surprise it didn’t hurt a bit. I put on my Converse All Stars and they were still my favorite pair of shoes. I put on my Ipod and found out I still like rock, rap, and punk music. I put my cameras to my eyes and realized that people pay me to do something I would do for free and that’s exactly what I did with the day. Since I am in Bangkok for a short break to change my visa I celebrated the day by shooting protesters trying to force new elections. No point in being idle(see above). It feels good to be young.(I also stayed out til 4AM and partied with new friends. All work and no …..well you know)


I am shooting a feature on coal mining in the state of Jharkhand and to my surprise I lost my phone. Sort of. For those that know me this is far from a surprise. It’s an expectation. In two years I have gone through five blackberries, an Iphone, and half a dozen misc. gateway phones. Every few months I a scurry about trying to recover phone numbers as I can never remember to back up my phone book. At least this time I’ve done that. It’s been nearly 24 hours that I have been untethered to the world outside of my current surroundings. It’s the longest I have been without a phone since I was a teenager. It’s weirdly relaxing to know that no one can reach me(other than by Skype, email, or AIM that is and only when I am at the hotel) for the next two days. I am spending my time wandering open coal fields and meeting nice people as I learn about life in Jharkand where nearly 400,000 people are supposed to be moved off of land that sits on top of burning coal fields. I’m not looking to see if I missed a call or a text. I’m taking my time to make pictures and not stressing about my visa or where my next assignment is coming from. I am focused on my surrounding and realizing how lucky I am not to have to live like this. My issues with visas, work, money, and my future are pretty trivial in comparison. I tend to take for granted that I am loved, nurtured, and get to do what I’ve wanted to do since I was 10 years old. I just wish I did not loose another phone to remind me of that. As we wander around the question is posed to Rajan our fixer about toilet and sanitation issues facing the village we are shooting. What he says me makes me chuckle since he delivers his answer so sweetly and matter-of-factly. It turns out one person’s bath room is another’s blog post.